Tjugum and Dragsvik are great bases for mountain walks, hikes and spectacular day trips,
both long and short!

Mountain walks and hikes:
Our farm and holiday accommodation lie at the foot of the mountain, Tjuatoten (1098 m). The
walk up takes about 3 hours. At the top, there is a wonderful panorama of the Sognefjord, the
Esefjord, the Fjærlandsfjord, the village of Balestrand and the Gaular mountains. Your hike
can start directly from our holiday homes or you can drive up the toll road (NOK 100) to
Orraleiken (400 m) and start your walk from there.

If you want a shorter hike, there is an excellent view after 30-45 minutes’ walk.

More information about this hike may be found here.

​Keipen is one of the highest mountains in the area but you must be properly equipped and
used to hiking. It takes 8-10 hours but the view from the summit is breath-taking. It starts
from Esebotn at the far end of the Esefjord.

More information can be found here, and a film from the summit of Keipen here.

​On the Balestrand side of the fjord, about 9 km away or a short row away by boat, there is a
variety of well-marked walks and hikes, both short and long. There is a fascinating heritage
trail along the fjord, featuring the historic dragon villas of famous Norwegian artists. There
are also two beautiful and relatively easy nature trails exploring the forest above the village.
For a spectacular view, head to Raudmelen (972 m) above the centre of Balestrand. There you
will find a hikers’ cabin where you can take a rest. The hike to Raudmelen takes about 6 hours
there and back. Once back in the village, why not enjoy some coffee and cake at the aquarium
by the fjord or dinner at the historic Kviknes hotel?
More info about this can be found here.

Day trips by car and express boat:

1. Take the ferry from Dragsvik to Vangsnes, then drive through Vik to head over the
spectacular Vik mountains to Gudvangen and Flåm. The picturesque village of Flåm is
famous for its mountain railway and you may buy tickets online for this unforgettable trip.
From Flåm, take the national tourist road up to the fantastic viewpoint at Stegastein and then
down to Lærdal (or via the Lærdal tunnel, currently the world’s longest road tunnel at 24.5

km), ferry from Fodnes to Manheller, then drive via Sogndal centre and Leikanger to Hella
where you can catch the ferry home to Dragsvik.

​2. Take the ferry to Hella and drive through Leikanger and Sogndal to Fjærland, one of the
most beautiful spots in the area! Take time to explore the little village of Mundal, renowned
for its second-hand book shops and the Norwegian Glacier Museum and then drive up to one
arm of the glacier that you can see towering above you at the Suphellebreen glacier. Continue
on to the Bøyabreen glacier, where there is a restaurant offering local specialities and a
panoramic view of the glacier. Continue to Skei i Jølster, where there is a wonderful
Christmas shop with café and toilets. Continue along the depths of Lake Jølster to Moskog,
through Viksdalen and over the spectacular Gaular mountains. The Gaular mountains feature
fast-flowing rivers, lakes and spectacular waterfalls. At the summit, a panoramic viewpoint
offers fabulous views of the valley below and the mountain tops.

​3. Head via Sogndal to explore the spectacular Sognefjell mountains on National Tourist
Road 55. At the Sognefjellshytta cabin, you will find the highest point of the road. There is a
fantastic view of the Smørstabbreen glacier and the scenic mountain tops that surround you.
Continue to Turtagrø hotel and take the Tindevegen toll road to Årdal. Return via
Fodnes–Mannheller by ferry, back through Sogndal and then the ferry home from Hella to

4. Explore Bergen and the Sognefjord by express boat. Departure is from Balestrand quay at
7.50. Arrives in the centre of Bergen at 11.50. Depart at 4.30pm, arriving in Balestrand at
approx. 8.30pm. This is a wonderful boat trip at an average speed of 35 knots along the
Sognefjord and past the skerries and islets of the coast, plus about 4 hours to explore the city
of Bergen itself, gateway to the fjords. Bergen is well-known for its art museums, its culinary
experiences and its funicular railway up to the top of Mount Ulriken, as well as its UNESCO-
listed wharf, Bryggen.

There are many other opportunities for day trips and local attractions. Worth a mention are the
spectacular Nigardsbreen glacier, Vik stave church where there is a special dairy serving
cheesecake, coffee and raspberry juice, the beautiful village of Solvorn and Urnes stave


We’re always happy to help our guests find the perfect trip, whether long or short, and
make their stay unforgettable.

Tjugum 11, 6899 Balestrand