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Booking Conditions

The following conditions apply when booking and staying at Tjugum Cabins w/ Anders Tjugum.

1. Payment

20 % of the payment is due after confirmation of the booking, and the remaining amount is due on arrival. Payment can be made via online banking, bank card or cash in Norwegian kroner, NOK.

Unless the tenant can document that the first payment has taken place when due, Tjugum Cabins is basically unbound by the order. Omission of payment is not accepted as cancellation. According to point 3, this must be done in writing and within the deadline. Otherwise, the tenant is financially responsible.

2. Order and Confirmation

The person/company the booking is registered with is responsible for the entire rental relationship and everyone in the travel party. The customer is financially responsible for the entire order, including payment of the entire rental sum and any compensation for any damage that may occur. An order is binding whether it is made in writing via online booking, e-mail or verbally. The booking is confirmed in writing by Tjugum Cabins via e-mail. Any changes or cancellations after this must be made in writing, and in accordance with point 3.

3. Cancellation and Changes

Tenants can cancel or change their stay no later than 30 days before arrival. Bookings made later than 30 days before arrival are binding, and the tenant is 50 % financially responsible according to the booking. 14 - 2 days before 80 %, and 2 days or less before arrival 100 %.

All cancellations and changes must be made in writing via e-mail.

Non-payment is not a valid cancellation.

4. The Holiday Home

The holiday home is rented out according to the information found in the presentation. Please note that typical seasonal facilities (e.g. boat, outdoor furniture, barbecue etc.) are not necessarily available all year round. Smoking is not permitted in the holiday homes.

5. The Rental Price

Only the rental of the holiday home is included in the rental price. Power consumption comes in addition. Additional services such as bed linen/towel hire, boat and final cleaning also come as an additional cost. Later arrival or earlier departure than agreed, or if the holiday home is not taken into use, will not lead to a reduction in the rental price.

6. Lease of Additional Services

Possibilities for renting bed linen, towels, boat and final cleaning appear in the description of the holiday home. These services can be ordered together with the holiday home, but if booked later than two weeks before arrival, they cannot be guaranteed. Payment for additional services is made upon departure together with the rental amount. Both cash payment in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and card payment are accepted.

7. Number of People

The holiday home is only equipped and prepared for the number of people stated in the presentation. It is not permitted to pitch tents, have caravans and the like on the plot of the holiday home, without this being agreed in advance. Any use of your own boat from Tjugum Cabins' marinas must be agreed in advance.

8. Animals

Pets are not allowed in the holiday home without a special permit. This does not mean that the holiday home is allergy-friendly.

9. Rules of Order

Tenants and traveling companions are obliged to observe the rules and follow the instructions for use in the holiday home. Normal standards for peace and order must be followed. The holiday home must be left in a clean and tidy condition. If final cleaning is rented, the home must still be cleaned, rubbish removed and the dishes cleaned and cleared away. Tenants must also ensure that the holiday home is left in a properly locked and damage-free condition. The outdoor area must be cleaned before departure.

10. Missing at the Rental Object

If damage or missingness is discovered upon arrival at the holiday home, it must be reported as soon as possible and within 24 hours of arrival and a photograph taken. Tenants must not repair any kind of defects themselves, unless this has been agreed in advance.

If the tenant does not notify of any damage, defects or inadequate cleaning, this may result in him/her being held liable. This is even though others may have caused the incident.

If tenants arrive at a holiday home that is not satisfactorily cleaned on arrival, this does not automatically give them the right to leave the cabin properly cleaned before their own departure.

If there are deficiencies in facilities in the holiday home that are not described in the presentation, these cannot be required to be rectified, and no right to compensation is given.

11. Arrival and Departure

The rental period starts at 16:00 on the day of arrival and ends at 10:00 on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed. If arrival will not take place on the first day of the rental period, or in case of late arrival, this must be agreed separately with the landlord. Departure time must be agreed with the landlord.

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